These Boots Were Made For..

Type: Heritage 
Start Zone: Antonica 
Start NPC: Hwal Rucksif 
Related Zones: Antonica,Blackburrow,Stormhold,Thundering Steppes
Min Level: 20 
Quest Level: 25 
Reward: Dwarven Work Boots 
Items Granted: Dwarven Work Boots

Hwal Rucksif wants you to gather 100 ore and 100 lumber in Antonica and bring it back to him. 
0) After obtaining the 100 iron and maple (of which Hwal only takes 50 of each) 
he the informs you that he is making a special sword for the Capitan of the Sentries. You need to obtain the following: 
1) Search BlackBurrow for the Ore to make the Blade (Kill Excavators and Miners for this). Any of these will do. named gnolls in the mining part do NOT give any quest update. 
2) Deep in Stormhold is a rare wood Hwal must have for the hilt. The Caveroot horror spawns at the sewer grate zone in to library in the room with the feign zombies and the oozes. He has the rare wood. 
3) Hwal has specified a rare and tough Griffin hide from the Steppes for the Bindings. For this you have to kill a named griffon in Thundering Steppes. Both are approx level 27. One is called Grimfeather, the other is called Bloodtalon. They spawn very rarely in the area where the other griffs are as well. 
4) Next step is to fetch him some Stout from Blackburrow. Go to the brewery in Blackburrow ( you find it through an underwater tunnel at bottom of the great waterfall there ). What you need is not the jugs of brew that you use for other quests, but the big cask on the left wall on top of the other casks. Click it and get your brew. Guarding the cask are usually a Sabertooth champion of lvl 22 or Bucky, lvl 23 ish. Both are tough fights, so bring friends or sneak. 
5) Afterwards he wants you to kill the ghost of his grandfather. You can find this ghost in Antonica, below the Tower of Vhalen ( a bit east from Sayer merchant house on left side of road ). 
6) Goto Thundering Steppes and kill Antelopes to get a rare hide intangible drop. Just kill antelopes at random. 
Also kill firerock giants to get a metal intangible drop. I believe you must  kill Firerock SCOUTS. These are found in the passes to the giant fields from Tower 4 and from Thundermist Valley. 
7) Return these items to Minty, a Dwarf in Thundermist Village, and she will work on the boots for 24 hours (game hours that is!). 

REWARD: 32,250 status points Dwarven Work Boots (class specific)

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